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Automatic Polarizer Laser Cutting System—CLPC65

This equipment is mainly used for polarizer processing of screen glasses. The equipment is equipped with an automatic image positioning system, automated axes, and AOI, which provides guarantees for automatic high-speed cutting and high-quality stable operation of the product.

◆ Adopting CO2 laser + galvanometer configuration with automation, it can achieve high-speed POL cutting.

◆ Delphi Laser has introduced two types of POL cutting equipment with good feedbacks from clients.

◆ Materials being cut: POL

◆ Work size: 1458mm×830mm

◆ Cutting Type: Straight-line cutting

◆ Equipment structure: 1 cutting head + 1 cutting platform with automatic connection devices

◆ Tact Time: Calculated with 65-inch TV screen, TT≤35S/pcs

Applicable workpieces:

   The equipment is mainly applied in the processing of screen glasses for mobile phones, smart wearable devices, and TVs, and is mainly aimed at processing of polarizers.

Sample Figure: