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Automatic Screen Glass Chamfer Laser Processing System - AGC20

This equipment is mainly used for chamfering of Screen glasses. It is equipped with an automatic image positioning system, automated axes and AOI, which can provide assurance for automatic high-speed cutting and high-quality stable operation of the products.

◆ Delphi Laser has launched a leading self-developed ultra-short pulse picosecond infrared laser in China, who has a wide range of application experiences in the display field and meanwhile received wide acclamation from customers.

◆ Matching with self-developed invisible wire cutting heads to ensure perfect cutting effects.

◆ With years of experience in equipment automation, Delphi Laser can provide high-quality and stable equipment for customers, which helps to seize the full screen market opportunities.

◆ Material : Glass

◆ Work size: 400mm × 300mm, 1 ~ 12 inches applicable;

◆ Cutting Type: Fully Corresponding to Right Angle or R Angle Machining

◆ Equipment structure: 2 cutting heads + 4 cutting platforms + 2 rotary tables

◆ Tact Time: 2 seconds for C angle, 4.5S for R angle, and 7 seconds for C angle + R angle + U angle

◆ Crack mode: Mechanical thimble / ultrasonic

Applicable workpieces:

   This equipment is mainly used in the chamfer processing of display glasses for mobile phones, smart wearable devices, etc.; provides latest solutions for a full screen cutting process.

Sample Figure: