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UV Nanosecond Laser Micromachining System (FP/FPS)

This high-end laser micromachining system features high-efficiency components and is intelligently integrated to deliver precise material drilling, cutting, and surface etching results.

Excellent laser beam quality to ensure long-run stability.

◆ High laser peak power; able to process all kinds of solid materials.

◆ Excellent processing flexibility; able to cut any shape.

◆ Narrow processing line width and good edge quality; minimal heat-affected zone.

◆ Non-contact machining; improved processing quality and yields.

◆ Working area: 250*250mm (X-Y-axes)

◆ Wavelength: 1064/532/355nm

◆ Frequency: 10-1000Hz

◆ Pulse width: <25ns

◆ Focal spot diameter: 10-25μm (adjustable)

◆ Scanning speed: 3000mm/s

◆ Maximum operating speed: 200mm/sX-Y-axes; 25mm/sZ-axis

◆ Positional accuracy: ±3μm

◆ Repeatability: ±2μm

Applicable workpieces:

  ceramics, glass, quartz, indium phosphide, alloys,tungsten copper, polymers,Rogers boards, polyimide.

Sample Figure


  TSV 100μm micro-holes                 Side wall hole                 Hole drilling in metals

                 Micro-channel etching