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UV laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine uses DPSS UV laser produced by Delphi, this machine has three types of surface: open, semi-open and full closure, to satisfy various demands of different customers.

This machine is mostly used for micro marking in Consumer electronics, semi-conduct medicine, especially for white plastic, vacuum deposition, glass, sapphire, and also for drilling cutting and etching on metals and non-metal materials. 


◆ Wave length355nm

◆ Pulse width<18ns@30kHz

◆ Beam diameter20-30um(可选)

◆ Marking area: 60mm×60mm-250mm×250mm(可选)

◆ Repetition accuracy±0.005mm

◆ Scanning speed0~5000mm/s

Application materials and field

    Polymers, FPC, silicon wafer, glass, ceramic, sapphire, metals, key plastic, electrical component, communication equipment, electrical cable, Auto parts, construction material.

Sample Figure


            Marking on glass                Logo marking in consumer electronics.   


         Marking on data wire                        Marking on silicon 

     Marking on sapphire