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Fully-Automatic Laser Marking System

This machine is used for laser marking barcodes and QR codes on PCBs, and can be applied to a wide variety of materials and job requirements. It features automatic processing and can automatically adjust its loading to accommodate different workpiece sizes.

◆ Automatically adjusts loading mechanism to fit the size of the material

◆ Employs five sensors to ensure processing quality

◆ Linear motor for higher efficiency and stability

◆ Variety of laser source options to match different job requirements and ensure high-quality marking

◆ High-speed precision coaxial CCD target recognition

◆ Automatic error-prevention mechanism to prevent marking errors

◆ Laser source options: CO2/Fiber/UV/Green

◆ Scanning range: 50mm×50mm (customizable)

◆ QR code format: QR, miniQR, Data matrix GSI, Data matrix

◆ One-dimensional code format: CODE39, CODE128, ITF, NW-7, etc.

◆ Compatible PCB size range: 50mm×70mm to 550mm×650mm

◆ Character height: <19μm

◆ Marking speed: >500 chars./s

◆ Maximum workpiece size: 550mm×650mm

Applicable workpieces:

    ◆ Widely used for marking PCBs, FPCs, and rigid-flex boards.

Sample Figure: