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Laser System for Wafer Grooving

Model: AS-5380

◆ Reduction in chipping and delamination; high yield rates

◆ Adjustable grooving width and depth

◆ Fully-automatic processing; integrated coating application, wafer grooving, and cleaning functions

◆ Laser type: DPSS ultraviolet laser

◆ Laser power: 5W

◆ Cooling method: Closed-loop water cooling

◆ Grooving depth: >10μm

◆ Cutting-axis speed: 0-500mm/s

◆ Applicable wafer sizes: 8 or 12 inches

◆ Upper surface precision (TTV): 0.01mm/300mm

◆ Cleaning plate rotation speed: 2500rpm

◆ Rotational accuracy: 0.01°

◆ Processing method: Automatic front-side grooving

◆ Focusing mode: Auto-focusing

◆ Lighting system: Point light source

◆ Applicable materials: Low-k wafers; silicon wafers with impure dicing streets

◆ Process workflow: Protective coating application→Laser groovingWafer cleaning

Sample Figure: