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Laser-Induced Dicing System for Silicon Carbide Wafers

Model: Inducer-5560

◆ Fast cutting speeds; high-quality results; high yield rates.

◆ Complete process solution available (including wafer breaking and expansion equipment)

◆ Mature processing technology; applicable to various types of silicon carbide wafers.

◆ Laser type: Infrared picosecond laser

◆ Laser power: 4W

◆ Cooling method: Air cooling

◆ X-axis: 450mm travel length, 0.1μm resolution

◆ Y-axis: 700mm travel length, 0.1μm resolution

◆ Z-axis: 20mm travel length, 0.1μm resolution

◆ θ-axis: 120° travel angle, resolution 0.001°

◆ Maximum cutting thickness: 1mm

◆ Maximum cutting speed: 500mm/s

◆ Applicable wafer sizes: 6 inches (can be outfitted to process 8-inch wafers)

◆ Processing method: Front-side/backside cutting

◆ Cutting line width: <5μm

◆ Positional accuracy: ±10μm between parallel lines

◆ Dicing street width: ≥20μm (backside cutting); half the thickness of the material (front-side cutting)

◆ Processing method: Automatic single-axis processing via front-side or backside cutting

◆ Focusing mode: Auto-focusing

◆ Lighting system: Infrared source

◆ Real-time laser power monitoring during dicing

◆ Granite base

◆ Built-in safety protection features

◆ Operating system and software: Windows XP with all-Chinese control software

◆ Electronic pressure display

◆ Applicable workpieces: Silicon carbide wafers

◆ Process workflow: Laser cutting à Wafer breaking à Wafer expansion

Sample Figure: