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Laser-Induced Wafer Dicing System

Model: Inducer-5260

◆ Fast cutting speeds; 

◆ Pause-less cutting process;

◆ Stable performance;

◆ No consumables; 

◆ High production capacity and yield rates;

◆ Greatly reduces operating costs.

◆ Laser type: DPSS 1064nm picosecond laser

◆ Laser power: ≥1W

◆ Cooling method: Closed-loop water cooling

◆ X-axis: 360mm travel length, 0.1μm resolution

◆ Y-axis: 360mm travel length, 0.1μm resolution

◆ Z-axis: 15mm travel length, 1μm resolution

◆ θ-axis: ±60° travel angle, 0.0001° resolution

◆ Scribing depth: 10-25μm

◆ Throughput: 24pcs/hr@10*23mil (2-inch wafers)

◆ Applicable wafer sizes: 2 or 4 inches (can be outfitted to process 6-inch wafers)

◆ Cutting line width: <5μm

◆ Dicing street width: ≥18μm

◆ Wafer die size: >4mil

◆ Processing method: Automatic single-axis processing via backside cutting.

◆ Imaging system: Coaxial CCD and paraxial CCD.

◆ Lighting system: High-power LED light with adjustable brightness.

◆ Operating system and software: Windows XP with all-Chinese control software.

◆ Real-time laser power monitoring during dicing.

◆ Real-time image correction.

◆ Imaging system automatically tracks distance between dicing line and edge of dicing street.

◆ Real-time focus control.

◆ Optional dual spot processing capability.

Applicable workpieces:

   Coated and uncoated DBR wafers (without metal layers)

Sample Figure: