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Reprinted:2015 LASER CHINA

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2015-04-10 14:49:10

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Mar.17th -19th , LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA finished successfully, and it has been made totally 10 times from 2006. As the largest laser, optics and photoelectricity meeting in Asia, it shows four topics, Laser, photoelectron, optic products, laser manufacturing and processing. Imaging testing quality controlling.

10W UV laser from Delphilaser 

Picosecond Laser from Delphilaser

Picosecond Laser StarPico from Rofin

6kw CO2 Laser from Rofin

TruDiode 6006 from TRUMPF

TruMicro 5000 from TRUMPF

Picosecond Laser from EKSPLA

Reprinted:    News publishers:Johnny