PICALO 2010 - Delphi Laser 
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2010-03-26 09:41:04

Pacific International Conference on Applications of Lasers and Optics (PICALO) focuses on the growth and application of lasers and optics in the Pacific region. PICALO brings together researchers, engineers, equipment suppliers and industry personnel to hear the latest developments and progress in lasers and applications and to share knowledge, experiences and visions. PICALO offers an exciting technical and social program in cities that represent laser growth in the Pacific region. PICALO features sessions on Laser Materials Processing and Micro, Nano and Ultrafast Fabrication as well as the International Enterprise Summit, which are the main technologies Delphi Laser focuses on.

Delphi Laser is always interested and supports such meetings. In 2008, Delphi Laser attended the meeting in Beijing, and in 2010 Delphi Laser becomes a Gold Sponsor of this conference. During this meeting, Dr. Yuxing Zhao, the president of Delphi Laser, delivered a speech on the topic of “Laser interactions with transparent materials”, and answered the questions from the audience. Besides, another two engineers from Delphi Laser also delivered their speech on Thin-film Solar Cell Laser Scribing (CIGS) and ITO Laser Patterning for capacitive touch panel. Delphi Laser focuses on all kinds of customized high-end laser applications, and has been quite experienced on these applications.