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Fiber Laser Processing System for Ceramics

This system features outstanding scribing and cutting capabilities. It is equipped with an infrared pulsed laser whose peak power output is 10 times greater than its average power output. Optimized electronic control and optics systems allow the machine to deliver small laser spot sizes and narrow cutting/scribing line widths during planar processing and three-dimensional curved surface processing.

◆ Small laser spot size; narrow line width.

◆ Small heat-affected zone.

◆ Flexible non-contact processing, able to process any shape.

◆ Layer-by-layer processing; switchable gas source.

◆ Image target capturing for automatic processing.

◆ Model: RPS03

◆ Positional accuracy: ±4μm (JIS Standard)

◆ Repeatability: ±2μm (JIS Standard)

◆ Minimum drilling aperture: 30μm

◆ Minimum cutting line width: 20μm

◆ Scribing speed: 200mm/s

◆ Processable material thickness: 2mm

◆ Maximum cutting speed: 40mm/s

◆ Hole-drilling speed: >8 holes per second

◆ Hole-drilling diameter range: 40-400μm

Applicable workpieces:

   ◆ LED packaging

   ◆ Passive components

   ◆ Thick film and thin film circuit boards

   ◆ Microcrystalline zirconium outer parts

   ◆ Stainless steel and other metals

Sample Figure: