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CO2 Laser Processing System for Ceramics

This system employs a high-power infrared pulsed laser to cut ceramics, acrylics, rubbers, and other materials. Via the integration of state-of-the-art technologies, its scribing and cutting functions have been optimized to better suit customers’ demands and to deliver improved stability.

Non-contact processing reduces damage to the material and ensures high-precision cutting.

◆ Layer-by-layer cutting to meet the processing demands of different materials.

◆ Coaxial application of assist gas to protect the material during laser processing.

◆ On-the-fly switching of air pressure settings for different processing layers.


◆ Working area: 450mm*450mm (customizable)

◆ Maximum scribing speed: 200mm/s

◆ Maximum cutting speed: 20mm/s

◆ Positional accuracy: ±6μm (JIS standard)

◆ Repetability: ±4μm (JIS standard)

Processable materials: 

    Ceramics (LTCC/HTCC/Al2O3/AlN); rubbers; plastics.