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Fast (Pico/ Femtosecond) laser marking machine

Fast laser marking machine uses Pico/ femtosecond laser produced by Delphi, with low pulse width below 15 ps, UV, green and infrared. Which makes material surface smooth, no heating effect nor chipping.

It is mostly used in high quality marking request, sometimes it’s also one kind of anti- counterfeiting technology. It also can process ( drilling, scribing ) on different materials.


 Wave length1064nm532nm355nm

 Pulse width <15ps

 Single pulse energy >0.1mJ

 Beam diameter10~30um可选

 Marking area: 60mm*60mm- 250mm*250mm

 Repetition accuracy±0.005mm

 Scanning speed5000mm/s

Application materials and field

Various of metals, alloy, semiconductor, diamond, jade, sapphire , ceramic, polymer, composite material , resin, photoresist, thin film and glass.

Sample Figure


         Material drilling                   Material cutting


          Metal etching                      Micro etching