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Green laser marking machine

Green laser marking machine uses DPSS Green laser produced by Delphi, this machine has two types of surface: semi-open and full closure, to satisfy various demands of different customers.

This machine is mostly used for marking on keyboard, circuit and plastic material, and also can be used as a normal marking machine, with 3D processing system researched by Delphi, to mark inside glass and sapphire. And also can cut and drill on glass and quartz whose thickness is less than 5mm.


◆ Wave length532nm

◆ Pulse width<18ns

◆ Beam diameter10-30um

◆ Marking area:60m*60m- 250mm*250mm

◆ Scanning speed2000mm/s

◆ Scanning accuracy:±0.005mm

Sample Figure:


           Glass cutting                              Keyboard marking


     Marking inside crystal              Ceramic marking