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Suzhou Delphi Laser Co., Ltd. is a joint Australian-Chinese venture that is devoted to the development, manufacturing, and marketing of high-end laser solutions for applications in the semiconductor, consumer electronics, medical, photovoltaics, LCD, and LED/OLED industries as well as for scientific research and R&D. The company offers customized laser systems and services for fine cutting, micro-drilling, etching, marking, and welding.

Delphi Laser possesses a professional engineering core with expertise in mechanical design, optical design, laser engineering, electronics, software control, and process technologies. The company's Suzhou headquarters occupies an area of approximately three thousand square meters and has cleanrooms for R&D laboratories, which are equipped with a vast array of precision laser systems and testing equipment. Additionally, the company has established strategic long-term partnerships with universities, research institutes, and various overseas entities, collaborating in technological development and marketing.


Propelled by professional management, leading technologies and core intellectual properties, standardized production, a dedication to outstanding service, and a reputation for quality, Delphi Laser is poised to become a force on the global stage.